People cough around me?

What do you do when people cough by you purposely because you are there? I usually ignore it. People have been coughing once i enter a room, or well when they know I’m in the building. It doesn’t matter if they see me or not. It doesn’t matter if I’m in a different room or on a different floor. They will still cough because of my presence around the place. There is no doubt about it. I ignore it and pretend its not bothering me , I have low self esteem& they know that. and well, it effects me

Does this happen to you? What do you do? How do you cope?
Additional Details
It bugs me, and I start crying, they cough viciously it was way worse before but me ignoring them kind of helped because now it’s only my sister who does that. I think coughing back would make you look stupid as hell because that is like giving them a reaction



uncontrollable telepathy


I’m Majid, 31 years old, from Tehran, Iran. I have Msc of computer science in the Artificial Intelligence field. About 9 month ago, I understand people can understand my thoughts. Before this, for 6 month, I have much effort to strengthen my focus hardly. Of course, I didn’t intend to become a telepathist. The life is not easy when you know others can understand your thoughts without your authority.

Brain signal is categorized as ELF (Extremely Low Frequency). The wavelength of ELF waves in air is very long (6000km at 50Hz). Also they can penetrate much deeper than other waves. So, the ELF waves are used to communicate by submarines in the deep of oceans. Although, there were a few number of receiver for the ELF waves in world, because they need too long antenna.

Also some long distance empathy (as a type of telepathic connection) is reported in the world. When a person close to you is in pain or trouble and in cases close to death, you feel that there is something wrong with that person even though that person is far away. This kind of long distance empathy is quite common in parents and spouses.
Thought Transmitter

I don’t have much information about this phenomenon and this phenomenon is act out of my authority. But some of my observations listed below:

People near me, such as my neighbors can understand my thoughts. I don’t know some of them but they can connect me. I don’t know how they can do this.
I guess they can understand my feelings. Also they can watch everything I see. They can listen to whatever I say or I listen. Even, when I touch myself without any thinking, they can understand.
When I watch live broadcast programs on local TV or radio, executors can understand my feelings. Even it’s possible they can understand my thoughts.
I’m not sure about this and it does not confirm it for me until now. But I feel the executers on live satellite channels can also connect me. I guess they sense my feelings.
A helmet was entitled Aluminum Foil Deflector Beanie (AFDB) was claimed can prevent spreading brain signals. But I think this claim is lying. It doesn’t work for me at least.

Thought Receiver

In Past 9 months, another strange phenomenon was occurred for me. I sometimes hear some simple sounds such as ticks. Most of them were located inside of my ears and some of them was from outside. These sounds have harmony by my thoughts. Sometimes, others interfere in the process of my thinking and decision-making. These sounds have one of the most evidence for me that others can understand my thoughts. Nature and method of making these sounds were always unclear and ambiguous to me. Until about 1 month ago, I received more and stronger sounds. Now, I sometimes hear some words, sentences and even music. It seems I am also a receiver of brain signals of other. I have really doubt about this matter. Some of my observations listed below:

Now I hear sounds, words, sentences, even music that has harmony by my thoughts from inside of one of my ears. Sound orientation is done by two ears. But I hear only from one of my ears, sometimes from my left ear and other times from my right ear. I can’t understand how is this possible?
Also, I feel sometimes thoughts, images, and dreams in my brain are not owned by me and others implant them to me. In fact, I guess, I received them from others. This happens especially at night while I want to sleep.
Others have touch telepathy with me. I am sure about this.

Evidences and Proof

I have some evidences that satisfied me, I’m not mental sick and others can really understand my thoughts:

People know me; build a symbolic language to communicate with me (External feed-backs). They use this language according to my thoughts. These happen every day during 9 month ago
As Mentioned, I receive some sounds, words, and even music which have harmony with my thoughts (Internal feed-backs). These also happen every day during 9 month ago.
The words are not similar to my talking or thinking style. Some words only used in conversation between two persons, not in the internal conversation.
Speaker’s voices are not same as my voice.
If we suppose the sounds aren’t real. But there were external events and symbolic language which people use corresponding to my thoughts.
There are mental patients imagine other can read their thoughts. Most of theses patients improved using AFDB. Because the psychological sense of security is created for them. But it wasn’t has any sense for me.
Previous of past 9 month, I was healthy completely.

Schizophrenia and auditory hallucinations

Many people claimed such as this phenomenon that really has a mental disease such as schizophrenia or auditory hallucinations. I have many symptoms of schizophrenia. Schizophrenia is a complex mental disorder that makes it difficult to tell the difference between real and unreal experiences. I accept there were many likenesses between my claim and the symptoms of schizophrenia. But I still believe not suffering from this disease and I can distinguish between real and unreal easily.

How can I understand this paranormal event is real or I have schizophrenia? I think frequency of occurrence, diversity, clearance and resolution of these events. If I receive ten or one hundred feed-backs corresponding to my thoughts, I have right to doubt. If it occurred more on everyday then I can believe its reality. These feed-backs occurred frequently in each day for me. I have done MRI scan, perfect blood and urine tests, and a psychology test. All of them indicated me normal and healthy. I must empathize again. I really have a strange power.
The Preliminary Theory

I have a preliminary theory about this phenomenon which is concluded from my experiences. There were two types of telepathy. I entitled these two types: distance telepathy and online telepathy.

Distance telepathy: It occurred in near distances. In this type the communication can be done even between two invisible subjects from each other.
Online telepathy: It occurred when one subject is present for another via media. In this type the present subject can act as a receiver. the board of telepathy In this type is much longer than distance telepathy.

The Experiments

I have reached some evidences about possibility of long distances telepathy. However, I am not sure about this. I know watching is important and transmitter should be able to watch receiver lively. I hope that an interested skeptic find to have a test of telepathy using voice and webcam. It’s only a test to check is telepathy possible via webcam in long distances or not? If this test was successful, I think we can participate in the James Randi match and probably could win 1 million dollars.
Help Request

I think this is a rare event can really prove the paranormal and the telepathy existence. Also, this can help researchers to improve your knowledge about telepathy and human brain functionality. On the other side, life under these conditions is really difficult. I need help from scientists and researchers to improve this situation. I need to know is there any way to prevent emission and receiving brain signals? Is there any way for me to return the normal life? Is it possible that I can control this emission and receiving state of brain signals?

I know that this story seems unbelievable. I am ready to any cooperation with the researchers. I am also ready for any test conducted by the researchers to prove the existence of this phenomenon.

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P.S.: A message to those who do not believe in telepathy at all. I know that I should see a psychiatrist.



Have you ever heard of PATM?

Hello there.
Well, I have a huge problem and I would like to ask you for help. I need to do shadow work on this issue, so if you could help me I would be glad.

I have a condition that some people call PATM and acronym for “people are allergic to me”, there’s a huge thread on medhelp:

This is a condition I developed after a traumatic episode of my life and it’s characterized by all the sneezes and coughs I hear from people around me when I feel deeply fearful, angry or stressed.

It’s not my imagination, just read some of the posts on medhelp and you will see thousands of people with the same condition, although it’s not medically recognized as a disease.

The symptoms include, very very very tense back, neck and back of the head; purple colored nails, hands and feet; drop of body temperature; dry skin, dry mouth; sensation of pin and needles and itching all over the body; pain in the joints; sensation that I’m not breathing at all; blank mind; lump in my throat; sensation that I am going to choke;lots of anger; unable to communicate very well; sensation of burning on the top of my head; sensation of me being imprisioned;

I always see things floating around me when I am at this state like dust or little pieces of fabric that there’s on the air, it gets all agitated around me.
It takes like 1 hour to go away, sometimes more, sometimes less. There was a time when I could stay almost all day long on this state and felt completely tired and depleted, nowadays It’s just a few minutes most of the times.

After it goes away it leaves something on my chest that feels like a block of concrete and I am not able to think clearly or express myself, I just feel totally trapped or unable to communicate, just say futile things to people, it’s horrible. I just had one episode and I am being able to communicate so I guess it’s getting better.

I was always very afraid of talking about it to anyone, and also very ashamed of myself, thinking what am I? some kind of alien? I went to lots of doctors, psychologists and nobody could believe me. I tried to talk about this with friends, family, boyfriend, etc, but it was no use. Always felt completely alone and abandoned on this subject till I found medhelp and I saw that t here was lots of others with teh same condition.

I tried to justify this behavior to myself many times thinking that I hated people, that I was trying to avoid them, that it was because I wanted to be alone, but it’s not the case. I dont want to feel isolated and alone even if there’s something inside me that want those things, I want to grow up, expand and communicate with people.

Please help me, do you think it may be a spiritual condition? any ideas on why it happens to me and how I could do shadow work on this issue?

Thank you very much!



Why are people allergic to me? =(?

Okay… I’m mainly directing this concern to those who can relate or those with professional expertise on this matter. If you are neither, please refrain from posting “you’re hallucinating/ its paranoia” or “it’s only in your head; people cough all the time for various purposes”. I’ve had enough of these comments.
I’m highly certain that I trigger allergic reactions to others. Whenever I’m in close vicinity with someone, they have the tendency to either lash out a full sneeze, a cough, clearing of the throat (which is the most frequent/irritating of all), sniffs, rubbing of the nose, etc., all of which are allergic implications. It doesn’t happen to everyone all at once like some sort of mass choir; it choses whom to affect and when. Those that I’m frequently around surprisingly don’t display these symptoms so I’ve assumed that they’ve grown accustomed to whatever the heck that is within me. If you are wondering, yes, I do shower (more like scrubbing to the point my skin may peel off) –more frequent then others actually due to my condition. Also, it is not my perfume. I own juicy couture eau de parfum and coughs still resides if I were to change up my perfume once in a while, or even when I am perfume-free! I attend 5 courses this semester and it’s usually a sneezing/coughing/clearing of the throat riot in all 5, I can barely concentrate! Even my chem. professor is commenting on the intensity of the sneezes in his class. During exams, those to my immediate left and right(though sneezes are scattered here and there throughout the entire classroom) would be sneezing up a storm that I kind of have to join in so others may not decipher that I’m the culprit of it all (teeheehee!) I may be passing down the hallway and hear sneezes here and there, at times the person may be a good distance from me. Trust me guys, I am not delusional; this has been going on for over a year now and I am CERTAIN it is not in my mind.
I’ve only managed to tell my mother because she is the ONLY one that I can confide in with this information but this was an attempt to no avail. She’s only constantly telling me “baby, people sneeze and that is that; its part of the human physiological system y’a know” or some comment veering towards that comment. Yesterday we were at Ross and I tried to bring to her attention all those that sneezed while they were relatively close to me and guess what her comment was? “You ARE aware that we are in store full with dusts accumulating everywhere right? Get your mind out of the gutter already!” Mom, I would if this wasn’t a reoccurring thing that happened every single day! [[Heavy sigh]] I’m thinking of seeking medical attention but I’m baffled as to how to even approach it to a doctor (wouldn’t want to be seen as a lunatic or something like that) because I doubt that this is a common concern. I’ve tried to research into it and have come across various posts like that of PATM (people allergic to me) forum but no real solution towards this condition, so I’ve decided to turn to good ol’ yahoo instead =D. I am a very cheerful individual by the way, but this condition is taking one heck of a toll on my personality lately! I’m actually now turning depressed, and it scares me!!! Please, if you can help, do so! Thanks a million times over… btw, sorry for this extremely long question ^-^



Sniff! Cough! Co-workers who make noises at you.

I just wrote a thread about trying to get along with co-workers, being an introverted person. This is an extension of that, sort of.

I know this is going to sound strange, but I actually found a similar post on yahoo answers. So this has happened to other working professionals. Some of my co-workers intentionally sniff or cough at me. It’s happened enough times where it’s fairly obvious. I’m not exactly sure what they’re implying, do they have a bad cold? do I smell? am I stuck up? do I have something in my nose? It just reinforces the maturity level in my department.

Sometimes managers walk by the back office and cough or sniff loudly, kind of hinting that we should not be hanging out.

Most recently, a few weeks ago, I was coming down a set of stairs and turned and ended up walking close, but slightly in front of a co-worker whom I’m not so friendly with. She starts sniffing continously and when we get to the back office, it immedately stops.
Later on, I initiated a conversation with another co-worker at one of our posts and she started sniffing before she said every sentence. It was just strange. She didn’t have a cold. A manager walked by us and I was feeling talkative and asked her where she went to lunch. As she walked away she made this big sniff also. I have no idea what it means, other friends I’ve told this to think it’s immature. My friends suggest that I just “offer tissues”. I shouldn’t sniff back. Any suggestions?

FYI-I’ve also gotten emotional at work a few times. Regarding that sexual harrassment meeting and a few warnings I received regarding tardiness and some performance issues (whereas other co-workers who are in the same boat do not get warnings- there is some favoritism in the dept). I dont’ like confrontations and I got really stressed at times. Wonder if the sniffing is about that.

So far, the sniffing has been minimal, but still immature.


People cough a lot around me (years like this)

My life is also very sad because anywhere I go (work, school, gym, coffee places, street, around university) people will immediately start coughing rubbing their noses, scratching their noses, violently cough, and those are white people but blacks will immediately start rubbing their genital parts (I take the bus, I dont look at people, I read my emails on my phone and people will always cough at me and scratch their noses and black people will stayre me with evil looks (are they doing black magic to stayre me like that wtf?) they stayre and cough very loudly….and I never give attention (I mind my business, I do my thing and I dont take the bus to look people! they are all ugly and bitter and older (like theyre all 45years and +) or overweight or depressed or fat or all of the above so why look anyways and they will stayre until I get off the bus.

At the coffee shop, as soon as I come in, people will start repeatedly start coughing LOUDLY to me (I get startled cuz I am such a zen calm person, very zen, very calm, never aggressive) and I have been asking and complaining to my bf for like 6years of this. I am at the coffee shop and I dont cough at every person coming in.

I went to counsellours (at least 20 from university, work, local health mini clinics, hospitals, friends of my boyfriend, and other free ressources) nobody has the answer.

So I am a very clean person, I shower morning and night, I use lots of antiperspirant and I wear fresh clean clothes every day (and clean clothes for gym also) and I also have this same thing happening to me that people will just always cough and rub their noses, and its been 6 years like this. It makes me aggressive, and I have seen so many counsellours for this and they have lots of diplomas and all, but none of them have the answer to these strange people rubbing their noses every 2 seconds and coughing every 2 seconds. I live in Montreal and its a quebecois thing that most people do, they stayre and cough every minute, like every single minute, very loudly coughing. Its been like this for years. 6 years. and I work office work and so I need lots of quiet to do my job good, but they (quebecois people) will always glue themselves near my cubicle and talk for half hours about intimidating stuff like sexual stuff that they enjoy, and as soon I come in the morning I smile and say hi to each person and they coworkers will just always come near me and my cubicle and have at least 20 conversations each day about stupid things like 30 minutes talking about their weekend, then 2 minutes later they get nea my office like a glue and will blab for 30 minutes about their son and that they hate all the young people cuz theyre jealous and they watch porn and they hate young people for that I guess. I am sick and tired of this and right now at the coffee shop but it keeps going and nobody has the answer.

I am very good looking ultra sweet and very friendly, I smile a lot and I love to joke to make people happy, but my boyfriend of 10 years together with him says that people are not normal they talk by themselves on the sidewalk, they scratch their nose, they scratch their face and rub their nose, he told me people are scrap and they have no values, so when they see a young pretty girl dressing nice (no boobs out no gstring out) they get mad to see pretty polite girls with respect and they have no respect so they keep rubbing their nose cuz they do drugs the proof is how skinny they are.

Smile and they stop cuz they understand it makes you happy!


People seem to cough around me..

I’d describe myself as introverted albeit friendly, one of the things I notice is people cough or itch when they detect my presence.
Have you guys ever experienced this? It feels like hostility.. and I tell my parents and they tell me it’s OCD and paranoia. I’m 100% sure, though, people are coughing when they see me. I don’t know how someone would be able to hallucinate this! (and i’m not otherwise psychotic or schizophrenic!)